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Jonah Canner is an ambassador from the world we have not yet built. He believes in people, community, and the obligation we have to make positive change in the world around us. Jonah’s primary areas of focus include racial equity, restorative justice, experiential education, and working through conflict. Jonah has been on the founding team of a public high school, a summer camp, a national education organization and an international change initiative. He has worked as a classroom teacher, a summer camp director, and a consultant offering mentoring, training, and support for individuals and organizations. Jonah has a Masters in Education from the New School University in New York. His current work projects include: How’re You Doing with Your Whiteness - a course for white educators working to embody an Antiracist practice - through the Institute for Democratic Education in America; and Breaking Binaries, Building Connections - an approach to Israel education that is rooted in critical analysis, nuanced argument and shared community values - through the New Israel Fund. In his free time Jonah is writing a collection of memoir essays that explore questions of grief, identity, ancestry, and place.