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Daniel Abramson

Toronto, Ontario
As a camper, Daniel Abramson was always the kid who walked into the dining hall covered in paint or clay: a habit he has largely continued to this day. As a staff member at camp, Daniel learned how the arts can be used as a vehicle for teaching meaningful lessons and for exploring identity through creative self-expression. Daniel’s work focuses on deconstructing the idea that the arts are only for “creative” people. He designs projects that focus on the process and the fun of making things. Daniel believes wholeheartedly that the arts should be accessible and affordable so that all campers can participate.

Daniel holds a Masters of Education Degree from the University of Toronto and has been a teacher, program director and youth advisor at many progressive Jewish institutions including the Leo Baeck Day School, Toronto Heschel School, Temple Sinai, Holy Blossom Temple, Hillel and URJ Camp George.

During the year, Daniel is busy helping students and teachers explore Social Justice initiatives through their classroom learning. For many summers, Daniel worked as part of the community care team at URJ Camp George and has helped to implement an ongoing training program for first-year staff. In all his work, Daniel believes that creating positive relationships are foundational to teaching and learning.